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Jessica Milagros Boutique Plus Swim


We’ve all been there, tirelessly aiming our phone cameras to capture the flawless beauty of nailing the latest makeup trend or looking like a ten in the hottest styles. Don’t worry babes, I have become a self-confessed selfie master and here are my pro tips!



  1. Lighting is EVERYTHING
    1. Make sure the light – natural is better – is directly hitting your face
  2. Work Your BEST Angles
    1. Have the camera face up, face down, move side to side
  3. Chin Down, Camera Up
  4. Channel Your Inner Model
    1. Subtle movements, never super posing
  5. Real Smiles Ladies
    1. Or play up your inner diva, and don’t smile
  6. Snap Selfie on Selfie on Selfie on Selfie!
    1. The more selfies the more options!

Fun fact!

Did you all know that I took actual selfies for the Boutique+ Swim hangtags?? Cannot wait to go to JCP this March and see my selfie on display.

Who’s excited to look FABULOUS in their swim selfies? You know I am!!